Polypebbles is a product that we transformed from waste plastic. It is a sustainable and durable recycled plastic product. Polypebbles will not cause damage to plants, and does not require maintenance! Polypebbles is very suitable for plant decoration, swimming pool decoration, architectural use and so on. Because the weight of polypebbles is very light, it can float on the water, and the weight is less than half of the real stone, so transportation is very convenient.
Yangzhou Yingwen Plastic Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Yangzhou Yingwen Plastic Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yingwen Plastic Daily Chemicals) is committed to a variety of products such as gardening decorations and hotel supplies. It has France51, Elffels1, Tianle, Polypebbles and other brands, in addition, polypebbles holds two invention patents.
Our company was founded on February 25, 2014.Address is No. 25, Heqiao, Hangji Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou City
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As a company deeply rooted in Jiangsu Province, China, Yangzhou Yingwen Plastic Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the core values of “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things” since the registration of the Yangzhou Eco-Tech New City Market Supervision Administration. Based on experience and resources, we provide our customers with professional, meticulous and thoughtful one-stop service.
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Main business includes: toothbrush, brushing, brush products, plastic products, slippers, hotel disposable products production, sales...
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Sales, after-sales tracking service and quality inspection, any quality problems, we help you defend your rights, so that your rights are protected
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Click the mouse or call us to contact us, professional technical team to provide you with convenient and caring service
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Since its establishment, the company has focused on quality and reputation, strengthened internal management, and has now achieved good branding and integrity services.
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