In the yard, make a small pool on the tall, prepare plastic sheets and pebbles.

2018-10-30 17:46

I used to look forward to a small pool next to the courtyard. I could plant some lotus flowers in it, raise some small fish, and set up a small pavilion next to it. What a wonderful life would be, it would be too difficult to have a big yard now. But we can move the mini sink to the yard, just a piece of plastic cloth and some pebbles will suffice.


The above is a very good idea I have seen. The friend directly moved a search ship back home and repainted a small pump. Although it can't raise lotus, it is good to raise some mini water lilies and some small aquatic plants. of.

Building a small swimming pool in a small yard is very popular abroad, and many people will say that it has strong hands-on ability. I know some flower friends who live in this country. Instead, they are very interested in building a small swimming pool. They also tried to build bricks with bricks and stones. The construction of these small swimming pools is very simple.


It looks good, although it is relatively simple, at least there is a small clear spring, with some plants that are like water, it feels very refreshing.